Six on Saturday – 14/07/2018

Still having issues with the WordPress app on my phone, so now trying to access it via Chrome.

My six on Saturday are as follows:

1. Canna x ehemanii

This has to be the favourite out of all my Cannas and it miraculously survived outdoors all winter with no protection. The first of what will hopefully be many beautiful pendulous flowers which should just get better as the summer progresses.



2. Dahlia merckii

Grown from seed earlier this year, this is the first tiny flower on a plant that is still less than 30cm tall.

3. Zinnia elegans ‘Peppermint Stick’

Unusual and possibly not to everyone’s liking I thought I’d try this out and so far so good .

4Cosmos sulphureus ‘Bright Lights Mixed’

Another new one for me this year and the first flower. Somewhat disappointedly I only managed to grow two plants from a whole tray so probably won’t be trying this again!

5. Canna (unnamed)

This is one that I grew from seed and decided to keep as I love the bright orange of the petals.









6. Cyperus involucratus syn. Cyperus alternifolius

I grow these rather than C. Papyrus as they are far less demanding and still look good .


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