First things first

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for ages, when I mention this to other bloggers their immediate response is “do it!”.

So this is my blog.

It’s probably no surprise that I plan to blog about my passion for plants and all things garden-related.  My interests lie in exotic plants as well as in more sustainable ways to garden, two styles that I am yet to fully reconcile in my small suburban plot.  I love visiting other peoples’ gardens, small and large and of course the RHS Shows.  I have a burgeoning collection of gardening books which seems to grow faster than I can read them.  Finally there is my newly acquired allotment which I took over at the end of July 2017.  I hope to share something of my passion through this blog and look forward to documenting the progress of my garden and allotment as well as the gardens I visit and the books I read.

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