I've always loved growing plants and in particular exotic plants.  As a kid my bedroom windowsill was jam packed with all manner of plants that I had grown from seed or cuttings.  I still get excited at seeing a seed germinate or a cutting root after all these years and struggle to discard any surplus plants that I grow! My dream is to one day have my own nursery so that I can sell all the plants I love growing.


Back in December 2014 I had the bright idea of putting my name down for an allotment.  With waiting lists of 3-5 years I was surprised to receive a letter in July 2017 advising me that I'd been allocated a plot within 5 minutes walking distance from home.  The plot has been neglected with half of it overgrown with grass and brambles.  I am looking forward to bringing back into cultivation and filling it with flowers, fruit and vegetables.

RHS Level 3

In September 2014 I started studying for the RHS Level 2 Certificate at Berkshire College of Agriculture.  Having successfully completed all of the exams at Level 2 I moved on to Level 3 in September 2016. The courses have been fun and at times challenging, especially fitting them in around a full-time job, a social life and of course gardening.